Welcome to the SBUWear Research Group

We are a research group at the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University. Wearable computing devices are a major growth sector for computing, and represent a step toward practical, ubiquitous computing. Our goal is to improve wearable devices and mobile devices, to make them be running more efficiently, saving more power, and being more accessible to people, including visual impairs.

So far, we have developed novel platforms to automatically generate wearable apps(ie., UIWear) and save power consumptions(ie., ULPM) drastically even when the power status is critically low. See Research).

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, and Master students to join the team

We are grateful for funding and support from Stony Brook University, and the NSF).


1. December 2018

SBUWear new version of website released!

17. October 2018

Jian's talk in UIST2018 about Ultra-Low-Power Mode Made in Berlin.

2. August 2018

Our paper of Ultra-Low-Power Mode for Screenless Mobile Interaction got accepted in UIST2018.

18. October 2017

Jian's talk in MobiCom2017 about UIWear Made in Utah.

10. July 2017

Our paper of UIWear: Easily Adapting User Interfaces for Wearable Devices got accepted in MobiCom2017

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