Wearable computing devices are a major growth sector for computing, and represent a step toward practical, ubiquitous computing. However, application developers are not fully utilizing the functionalities of these wearable devices. The primary reason for this is that writing wearable applications is tedeous.

In the project of UIWear, we work on the following steps to dramatically improve the adoption of wearable devices:

    (i) Study the user interface patterns available in wearable devices to characterize the best way to utilize wearable interfaces for different tasks
    (ii) Automatically and optimally extend smartphone user interface to any wearable device
    (iii) Conduct thorough user studies to study the trade-offs of the new wearable applications that are created automatically.

The key idea of UIWear is that we leverage the UI view tree mechanism from operating systems to extract the view tree that represents current phone UI. The view tree can be regarded as the intermediate representation of phone UI, which is reused and re-rendered for the smartwatch UI.