UIWear: Wearable computing devices are a major growth sector for computing, and represent a step toward practical, ubiquitous computing. However, application developers are not fully utilizing the functionalities of these wearable devices. The primary reason for this is that writing wearable applications is tedeous.

The UIWear project uses UI virtualization techniques to easily extend smartphone application to wearable devices. The key idea is to decouple UI design from UI management. The developer writes a simple metaprogram to specify how the UI is redesigned for the wearable. UIWear performs all the UI management.

ULPM : ULPM is an Ultra Low Power Mode to reduce power consumption when the phone battery is critically low. To this end, ULPM enables screenless interactions for low-power operations. The idea is to extend mobile battery lifetime by turning off the screen while keeping the foreground app touch-interactive. ULPM enables a new keyboard design that allows users to type even when the screen is off.

DarkReader DarkReader is a screen reader for users with visual impairment, that reduces power consumption while also reducing shoulder surfing attacks. DarkReader darkens the screen by truly turning it off (unlike existing occluding techniques), but allows users to interact with their smartphones. A user study with 10 blind participants shows that participants perceived no difference in interaction experience between DarkReader and the default screen reader. Yet DarkReader could save 24% to 53% power depending on tasks and screen brightness.